Slow-Motion Strawberries

Slow-motion Strawberries This is a spec commercial shot with our brand new slow-motion camera; our Freefly Wave!

Japan’s Master Blacksmiths

Japan's master blacksmiths We've had the pleasure of filming a short documentary for the World Steel Association, showing the expert craftsmanship of Japanese blacksmith Tokifusa Iizuka.

AMERI Vintage

AMERI Vintage We had the pleasure to work with the designers of the very popular Japanese fashion brand AMERI Vintage. The images were created using direct lighting to generate a warm summer feel.

Sophia University

Sophia University Almost two years after our original filming in English, Sophia University commissioned us to produce their introduction videos (this time in Japanese). Each video focuses on the experiences of both the faculty and students. {{ vc_btn: title=Professors+Video&button_type=btn+btn-alt-v1&align=center& }}{{ vc_btn: title=Students+Video&button_type=btn+btn-alt-v1&align=center& }}

Scania Engines

Scania Engines Swedish engine manufacturer Scania commissioned us to photograph the result of their latest partnership with Japanese snow-groomer makers Ohara Corp. Despite stormy weather we managed to find a window of sunshine during sunrise. The final photos were published in Scania Power magazine.

Le Connaisseur

Le Connaisseur This photo series was prepared for our upcoming Tokyography workshops. The "whiskey" is actually Japanese tea, filmed with high speed synchronization to capture the drama of the falling ice cube. {{ vc_btn: title=Launch+Tokyography+Website&button_type=btn+btn-alt-v1&align=center& }}

Response Magazine – Mitsubishi Motors

Response Magazine - Mitsubishi Motors Leading Japanese automobile magazine Response commissioned us to film a presentation for the Mitsubishi Mirage and Delica D:2. The music track was custom-made to match the tone of the cinematography.

Aleister Kelman – How Low Tokyo

Aleister Kelman - How Low Tokyo We worked with musician Aleister Kelman for the cover art of his new EP release. The photos were shot on film to create a vintage look which were then enhanced further in post-production. {{ vc_btn: title=Launch+Website&button_type=btn+btn-alt-v1&align=center& }}


Metamorphose We oversaw and designed the visual identity of a book written by two amazing cancer survivors in France. The premise revolves around how the illness changed them – physically, emotionally and mentally – essentially forcing them through a “metamorphosis”. A custom made font was created to emphasize the author's play on words with "metastasis".

Blue Moon

Blue Moon This project was produced in preparation for our Tokyography curriculum. The challenge was to make beer look as appetizing as possible. As it so happened – we had in the studio a collectors edition of the famous Blue Moon beer! If only all our product photoshoots were as delicious...